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You would assume with all that gym time, he could get up the courage to convince hot chicks at a Vegas pool party to apply for him.

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Ah, Las Vegas. Where else in the world can you pay either $19 or $19,000 a night for a hotel room in the same city? Where else can you eat a $2 steak and get a free beer, or spend thousands of dollars on bottle service and eat caviar at the same hotel? The truth is, Las Vegas has something for everyone. Whether penny slots and free entertainment are the only appreciative sources that benefit your bankroll, or if you command a private gambling room, personal dealer and “paid entertainment” as part of your standard Tuesday affairs. Vegas will gladly make it happen for you with a smile.


That’s one reason it is referred to as Sin City, with the others being the likes of very drunk girls who are entertaining enough to take funny pictures of themselves doing hysterical things throughout the night. These images, of course, become labeled as embarrassing photos when everyone wakes up in a haze, on the floor of their hotel room still wearing what they had on the night before.

But isn’t that the fun of the taking a trip to Vegas? To get dressed up with your friends, even at pool parties, and take seemingly exotic photos of each other wearing all of your best bikinis, jewelry, and high heels while sporting curled hair that you refuse to get wet? Even though it is literally 110 degrees in the shade?! Fine by us. Because we want to see them. We want to put the funny pictures of you hanging with your friends, doing things you would never do in the anywhere USA town you call home. We can make eCards about them that will have people sharing the madness on every social network available to man, and you can swear it was because of your story if you want.

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Drunk girls aren’t always the best embarrassing photos, especially in a town that hosts more parties and conventions than you can shake a stick at. From bachelor and bachelorette parties reigning supreme in Las Vegas, everything from 21st birthdays to 50th wedding anniversaries are celebrated under the same lights of the city that allows you to get a stiff drink and play a hand of blackjack twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, each and every day of the year. Yes, even during Leap Years.

Not to be outdone by the gambling, boozing, pool hopping and promiscuity the city brings to life each and every moment, wedding chapels are there to guide fast lovers down a path of bleary-eyed matrimonial bliss at any giving moment. Talk about embarrassing photos. Unless you are physically planning to get married by Elvis, a photo of a couple doing so is money ammunition for any onlooker in need of a laugh. Believe it or not, there’s no shortage of vow swapping action in Vegas, thanks to the chapels that exist within the city and the 315 weddings they service each day. It only costs $35 for a wedding license, but another $450 to file for divorce in the state of Nevada. You know, should you wake up next to someone you don’t know, with your head banging in agony, and a makeshift wedding ring on your left ring finger. It happens.

black bikinis 300x225 Oh yeah, we almost forgot to mention that you can also eat delicious foods, shop in amazing stores and visit world renown shows, Broadway hits and musicals, along with any type of Cirque du Soleil theme you could imagine, and participate in a fake wedding all while staying sober the entire time. Just in case we have to say it, we can do without any funny pictures of those outings. Thanks, though.